About Us


  • We make the most important day of your lives perfect in every way!
  • We build relationships with you to learn your interests, your preferences and your dreams.
  • Rely on us to share our expertise and insights into the best destinations and resorts to meet your unique travel needs. 


  • We’ll coordinate and arrange the travel details for you and all of your guests, allowing you to focus on planning the fun aspects of your wedding. 
  • We can SAVE YOU TIME by  assisting your guests, family and friends get to your special day. 
  • Relationships we've built with All-Inclusive resorts will ensure not one fee is missed and every perk is captured.


  • You know if most of your wedding guests have never travelled outside their home state, and if they're likely to be intimidated trying to plan their trip to your destination. Providing contact information for a reliable travel agent who is familiar with your wedding may be the deciding factor in whether your guests feel comfortable accepting your wedding invitation. Travel-savvy guests don't have to use the travel agent, unless they want to, but you're making it easier for the rest of the guests.
  • Good agents are patient, ask lots of questions, maintain rigorous quality standards, are forthright about a destination's drawbacks, have a diversified list of clients and a genuine interest in their feedback. Good agents will entertain your wishes with an open mind and present a range of options. Choose someone who feels like a friend or who you connect with; their opinion will jive most closely with your likes and dislikes.

How it Works



 Stop on in and enjoy the ambience of JET Travel's office with a cup o' Joe or give us a call! We will begin discuss ideas for your perfect experience. 

We Research


 We do the dirty work and hit the keyboard. We will dive into the world that is travel and find the best options available to you. 

Discuss the Ideas


 After we've done our research and exhausted all options, we will discuss them with you. Feel free to tell us if we've struck out or hit a home run! 

Make the Booking


 Once we've made a decision, it's time to book, tie the knot, cross your t's and dot your i's, whatever you'd like to call it! Good news for you, you can make payments - just like layaway! 

Document Meeting


 It's almost that time! Our document meetings come about 2 weeks before your departure dates. You can meet us at JET or we can meet you at your house! However you want to slice it, we will give you all the details of your upcoming vacation. Also, you'll have the chance to ask any last minute questions! 



 Whoop! Whoop! This is your time to relax! Enjoy your vacation and call if you need any help along the way! 

Meet Our Team

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